Phish Report vs Alternatives

Phish Report is quite different to other phishing takedown products. Rather than trying to hide the process from you, we give you the tools you need to tackle phishing sites using your existing security team.

Should I use Phish Report?

When to choose Phish Report

  • You're already reporting phishing sites yourself and want to speed up the process
  • You can detect phishing sites you want to take down (Phish Report doesn't yet offer a detection service)
  • You want maximum control over the takedown process

When to choose a managed takedown provider

  • You want to forget about phishing sites and completely outsource the takedown process
  • You have the budget for a managed takedown provider (typically ~10-20x more expensive than Phish Report)

Phish Report vs Manual takedowns

Manual takedowns are an option for organizations that want to handle phishing takedown themselves. However, manual takedowns can be a time-consuming and difficult process. It requires organizations to have staff available to identify phishing sites, track down the hosting provider, and submit abuse reports. Because of this slowness, tackling phishing takedowns manually gives the phishing site more time to affect more victims.

Phish Report, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive platform for analysing and taking down phishing sites quickly and efficiently. Once you've identified a phishing site, our platform automates the takedown process, providing a fast and effective solution for protecting against phishing attacks.

Phish Report vs Managed takedown services

Managed phishing takedown services (like Netcraft) are another option for organizations looking to protect against phishing attacks. These services typically involve outsourcing the takedown process to a third-party provider. While managed takedown services can be effective, they often come with a high price tag.

Phish Report provides a cost-effective alternative to managed takedown services. Our platform is easy to use and provides a range of features to help organizations protect against phishing attacks. We offer fast and efficient takedowns, automation, integration with SIEM tools, and comprehensive customer support. Our pricing is competitive, making Phish Report an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.