Phish Report Case Studies

Every day, Phish Report is used to analyse and take down thousands of phishing sites. Here's some public examples of the success people are having with Phish Report:

Reporting Roblox phishing sites

Taking down Android malware C2 servers

Lately there has been an explosion of popularity in crypto currency phishing apps on the Google Play Store, trying to capitalize on the ever increasing craze behind crypto currency and NF/Ts. Some are more obvious than others. Some are more clever than others. The app I’m going to analyze today is a very simple app that makes no attempts at all to hide its malicious behavior from a code or dynamic analysis standpoint. Therefore, this post will be fairly short, but hopefully you’ll learn something from it.


If you aren’t already aware, there is a phenomenal website out there to assist with and streamline the process of reporting phishing sites called Using this site, you can report malicious URLs directly to their hosting providers, as well as report them to Microsoft and Google, and keep track of the progress in marking the site malicious

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