Report a phishing site

How it works

Phish.Report is the quickest and easiest way to report phishing sites and actually get them taken down. Phish.Report brings all the relevant abuse report forms into a single page and automates the process as much as possible.

When you enter a URL, Phish.Report:

  1. Looks up the domain registrar and hosting provider from WHOIS records
  2. Matches these details against its abuse contact details database
  3. Gives you an interactive checklist for reporting the site

Integrations with numerous security intel and blocklist providers allows Phish.Report to submit malicious URLs directly and minimises the time you spend manually filling out forms.

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SwiftOnSecurity @SwiftOnSecurity May 5
This is awesome and a proper successor to I'll think about just redirecting the URL to this eventually

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Robert Barat @volt4ire May 8
this is awesome – all you have to do is add "" in front of the URL!!

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Why use Phish.Report?

Getting phishing sites taken down doesn't have to be a pain. Phish.Report automates as much of the process as possible—so you can spend less time reporting phishing and more time doing useful work.

Phish.Report Pro takes this to the next level letting you:

  • Track the status of reported phishing sites, prompting you to follow up with slow hosting providers.
  • Detect new phishing sites before your customers even see them.
  • Reporting and statistics on the number of sites targeting your company and how long they're active.
Reporting phishing yourself
Need to report to each provider individually
Hard to find correct provider contact details
Extremely manual process
One place to report any phishing site
Always get the correct contact details
Send multiple reports with one click
Phish.Report Pro
Report phishing sites with a simple API
Always get the correct contact details
Integrations report directly to providers
Track takedown status of your reports