Take down phishing sites with simple, automated tools

Every week, security teams use Phish Report to take down over a thousand phishing sites.
Avoid the cost of a managed takedown services by enabling your existing team to handle phishing.

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Simple to use

Spend less time reporting

Reporting phishing shouldn't be complicated. With Phish Report it takes just one minute to report a phishing site and begin the takedown process.

As much work as possible is automated so you only need a single click.

Extensive integrations

Get sites suspended faster

Phish Report works with providers to fight phishing sites from multiple vectors:
  • Integrations with browsers to warn end-users they're visiting a phishing site
  • Identifies and emails the hosting providers to get the site taken down
  • Shares threat intelligence with security companies to track larger patterns

Accurate timelines

Monitor the impact of attacks

Phish Report monitors the status of phishing sites giving you to the minute info about:
  • When the site first became active
  • How quickly you detected it
  • What actions were taken
  • When the attack became inactive


Get unlimited takedowns for one, fixed-cost subscription

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Collaborate with team accounts
Detect new phishing sites
Phishing kit analysis
Campaign tracking
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