The tools your team need to combat brand impersonation

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Phish Report gives your team the same capabilities as leading brand protection services and guides you through the takedown process.

Rapid detection.
Get alerted to new phishing sites and begin the takedown process before your users even see them.
Verified abuse contacts.
Speed up your takedowns by ensuring your reports go to the right place every time.
Protect your users.
Our threat intelligence partnerships get sites blocked for end users within minutes of being detected.


Everything your team needs to combat phishing.

$6,000 /year

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  • Phishing site analysis
  • Automation-assisted takedowns
  • Rapid phishing detection
  • API and SOAR integrations
  • Priority support

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

We offer a proof of value period where you can see how Phish Report performs against the phishing sites you're facing. Get in touch about setting this up.

Is there a limit on the number of sites I can report?

No. All our plans include an unlimited number of phishing site takedowns

Does Phish Report integrate with my case management system?

We have pre-built integrations for Slack and TheHive, and an API for building your own integration.

Custom integration work is available as part of the Enterprise plan.

What can I use the analyst on demand service for?

In our analyst on demand service, one of our experts will analyse a phishing campaign/kit. Our phishing kit analysis report will provide you with:

  • High fidelity detection rule(s) to detect all parts of the phishing site infrastructure.
  • A vulnerability assessment of the kit source code (where available) including options to directly disrupt the site.