IOK Rules: target.facebook

Facebook Phishing Kit 7d71c1c

Detects a Facebook phishing kit targeting Polish speaking users. Using the same Google Tag ID across every domain deploying this kit and using the same name for the logo file.

Facebook Phishing Kit d47226ee

Facebook (Meta for Business) phishing kit that communicates with a master server/API in order to exfiltrate credentials entered. This kit has several anti analysis capabilities, such as being able to redirect to a non-existent domain if the organization owning the IP address of the viewer is part of a pre-defined list, which is defined in the javascript code.

Facebook Phishing Kit 2b493308

Detects a Facebook phishing kit that uses a unique URL to host the banner image used in the fake login form.

Facebook Phishing Kit e9da0f06

Detects a phishing page targeting Facebook users asking them to enter the credentials to verify they own the account in question.

Facebook Phishing Kit 07c20f69

Detects a Facebook phishing kit that uses unique filenames for image assets of the fake login page.

Facebook Phishing Kit 887906f

Detects a Facebook phishing kit targeting Vietnamese users. Using sexual lures such as 'Vietnamese Sexy Beauty Group'

Facebook Account Recovery Phishing Kit 0e420f8

Detects a Facebook phishing kit, telling the victim to enter their details to reactivate their account.

Facebook Phishing Kit 54b8f7e

Detects a Facebook phishing kit.

Facebook Phishing Kit 9dda3b8f

A Facebook phishing kit displaying a login form

Facebook intellectual property infringment phishing kit 6c79b

A Facebook phishing kit themed around intellectual property infringement Observed being distributed by emailtosalesforce@[...] email addresses

Facebook Phishing Kit 54b8f7e Landing Page

Detects the landing page of this specific phishing kit.

Facebook Phishing Kit with peculiar opengraph tags

A Facebook phishing kit which includes some peculiar OpenGraph tags originally from

Facebook Phishing Kit 9z3vzzzj2s

A Facebook phishing kit displaying a faked post

Facebook Phishing Kit f675021b

Detects a Facebook phishing kit targeting Polish users.

Facebook Copyright Phishing Kit XpkqU8

Detects a phishing kit targeting Facebook (Meta) by displaying a fake copyright infringement appeal form and tricking the user into giving away their credentials. This has over 600 hits on Urlscan. Threat actors observed in: - United States 🇺🇸 (BELLSOUTH-NET-BLK 6389; ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC 22773; CDNEXT 212238)

Facebook Appeal Form Phishing Kit 91f3caf

Detects a fake Facebook appeal form, that phishes for credentials, the kit was designed by an Arabic-speaking threat actor.

Facebook Phishing Kit 83d65db

Detects a Facebook phishing kit created by an Indonesian threat actor, that uses the disguise of a victim's account being restricted and requires them to login again.

Facebook Phishing Kit 7c475854

This kit imitates the Facebook help center page and asks the user to enter their page name, email address, phone number & full name in order to 'unblock' their removed facebook page. After filling out the form the user is prompted with a dialog box where they must enter their Facebook password for their 'security'.