IOK Rules: target.okta

Okta ("0ktapus"/"Scatter Swine") phishing kit

Okta is a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider used by many enterprises and this phishing kit targets those enterprises. It aims to steal the victim's email address, SSO password, and MFA details. To decrease victim's suspicion this kit (like many) includes details specific to the targeted company e.g. their name and logo. However, unlike similar kits, this is hardcoded per instance of the phishing site and isn't dynamic based on the victim's email. ![Screenshot of one of these camouflaged Okta phishing kits (in this case, actually targeting Okta's own employees). [Via](](/static/63fc7edd-116c-4128-a934-8ad6c9ad76e2-BIDTSTDO.png) The same frontend code (HTML, CSS, and JS) is deployed regardless of the company being targeted, but the company name and logo is provided by the C2 server. ### Capabilities From analysing the code it appears this kit is set up to: * Steal email address and password * Capture MFA codes * Push the download of a (trojanized?) remote desktop tool `AnyDesk.exe` ### Timeline So far, the earliest observed appearance of this campaign was on July 1st ([]( This is a slightly earlier version of the phishing kit (referencing slightly different JS files) and was last seen on July 13th. The more recent version of the kit (using the JS filenames referenced in this rule) was first observed on [July 17th]( ### Attack Infrastructure Unlike many less sophisticated kits, this isn't deployed on a PHP hosting provider but is instead deployed on virtual machines (usually provided by Digital Ocean or Vultr). * Frontend assets (HTML/JS/CSS) are loaded from the domain itself * The config (for example, which logo to display) is loaded from a separate, non-HTTPS endpoint hosted on port 8080 on the same server ```mermaid graph LR subgraph C2[Attack Infrastructure] Domain[Lookalike Domain] --> IP[Server IP] end Browser[Victim's Browser] -->|Load frontend: GET https://domain| Domain Browser -->|Fetch name and logo: GET http://ip:8080/api/app/settings| IP ``` Most infrastructure is unique to each attack but there's occasionally some crossover: * [45[.]63[.]39[.]151]( has been seen targeting multiple companies. * [mailchimp-help[.]com]( has been observed targeting multiple companies.

Camouflaged Okta kit (old)

An older version of the Okta phishing kit [described here](