IOK Rules: cloning

HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack is an open source tool to save a website and all its dependencies to disk. It's used by phishers to quickly clone a target website to get a pixel-perfect clone they can adapt into a phishing kit. It's particularly liked by phishers because it tries to ensure that *all* resources are saved offline, and none are left being loaded from the original server.

Save Page WE website saver

Save Page WE is a chrome extension used by phishers to clone a target website and save it as a single HTML file. Unlike HTTrack (another commonly used tool): * It's a browser extension so doesn't require any additional tools to be installed. * It saves pages as a single HTML file (with all assets embedded in it) which makes the resulting kit more portable and easier to deploy.

BazhanWang Website Copier

Detects the BazhanWang website copier.

Mark of the Web

The "Mark of the Web" is an Internet Explorer compatibility feature inserted into HTML by browsers when using their "Save webpage" feature. The comment includes the original URL that the HTML was cloned from.

SingleFile website cloner

SingleFile is a Chrome extension allowing you to save a complete webpage (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) into a single file.

WebScrapBook website cloner

WebScrapBook is a chrome extension used by phishers to clone target websites. Github: