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Reporting a phishing domain registered with Regtons

Regtons is a domain name registrar with IANA Registrar ID: 1505.

Found a phishing site (or other fraudulent/malicious content) being hosted by Regtons? The best way to report a URL to Regtons is to send them an email at:

Who is Regtons? is a brand of Gransy s.r.o. which provides high quality registrar solutions and services.

Gransy s.r.o. provides high quality registrar solutions and services for registrars, webhosting companies and domain owners.

Even though our company is young in age our employees and personnel have long experience in the domain business. Currently Gransy is one of the main registrars and providers of Internet services in the Czech Republic. It is an accredited registrar of CZ domain names (CZ.NIC) and it has more and more ccTLD and gTLD accreditation worldwide. Since 2010, it is also an ICANN accredited registrar.`

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