OpenPhish is a security company. You can submit any URL to them and they'll decide whether it's malicious and then help get it removed from the internet.

The best way to report a URL to OpenPhish is to use their abuse reporting form located at:

Report phishing to OpenPhish

Who is OpenPhish?

OpenPhish is a fully automated self-contained platform for phishing intelligence. It identifies phishing sites and performs intelligence analysis in real time without human intervention and without using any external resources, such as blacklists.

OpenPhish receives millions of unfiltered URLs from a variety of sources on its global partner network. The phishing detection engine of OpenPhish singles out live phishing URLs and extracts their metadata, which includes targeted brands (when applicable), network and geographical locations, phishing kits and drop accounts.

OpenPhish reports only new and live phishing URLs. We keep track of the detected phishing URLs and do not report any URL more than once within any given 14-day period. We do not report any dead phishing URLs as they do not pose any threat.

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