The easiest way to report a phishing text

Step 1: Forward the phishing text to 7726

The first thing to do when you’ve received a scam text message is report it to your phone provider. They can do things like:

  • Stop future texts like this being received by their customers
  • Suspend the phone number being used to send these phishing text messages (if the number is on their network)

Reporting a phishing text message is as simple as forwarding the message to 7726 (it’s easy to remember: the number spells out SPAM on the keypad).

After you’ve forwarded the message, they’ll usually ask you for the phone number you originally received the scam message from.

A screenshot of a phone conversation reporting a phishing text to 7726

An example of reporting a scam text to 7726

Although reporting scam texts to your phone provider helps stop the scammer sending out more SMS messages, it doesn’t stop people who’ve already received the message from being scammed.

To protect everyone who has already received a phishing SMS, you need to report the phishing site itself. This gets the site removed from the internet and so, even if someone clicks on the phishing link in the SMS, they’ll be safe.

The easiest way to report the phishing site is to use Phish.Report. Simply:

  1. Copy the link to the phishing site from the scam text message
  2. Paste it into the “Report a phishing site” box on and click “Report”
    A screenshot of the Phish.Report report box being used to report a phishing link received from an SMS
  3. Click the “Quick Report” button to automatically report the phishing site to security companies
    A screenshot of the Phish.Report Quick Report button