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The easiest way to report a phishing text

Step 1: Forward the phishing text to 7726 The first thing to do when you’ve received a scam text message is report it to your phone provider. They can do things like: Stop future texts like this being received by their customers Suspend the phone number being used to send these phishing text messages (if the number is on their network) Reporting a phishing text message is as simple as forwarding the message to 7726 (it’s easy to remember: the number spells out SPAM on the keypad).

Does reporting phishing sites do anything?

We all receive phishing emails and scam texts, but what do you do with them? Should you just delete it? Should you report the phishing site to someone? So, does reporting phishing sites do anything? Yes! Reporting phishing sites absolutely helps. It: Stops other people becoming victims Annoys the scammers Helps security teams identify trends Stops other people becoming victims Just because you’ve spotted that a link looks dodgy, doesn’t mean other people will.