Netcraft is a security company. You can submit any URL to them and they'll decide whether it's malicious and then help get it removed from the internet.

The best way to report a URL to Netcraft is to use their abuse reporting form located at:

Report phishing to Netcraft

Who is Netcraft?
Netcraft is an internet services company based in the United Kingdom which provides internet security services, including cybercrime disruption, application security testing and automated vulnerability scanning. We have explored the internet for a quarter of a century and are an authority on many aspects of the internet. We provide services to internet infrastructure, financial services, large enterprises and governments in over fifty countries, including six of the world’s ten largest companies by market capitalisation and eleven of the top fifty banks. In the UK, our services are used by the British Government and seven of the eight constituents of the FTSE-350 Banking index.
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